amber…our hot mess, leader of the shit show, velvet queen and mother of sunflowers. she is literally living her biggest of big dreams everyday here at vada winter. amber has built this company from the ground up. what started in her kid’s playroom as a way to make some extra cash for groceries is now an online boutique, a clothing brand and store front in blue island, il which has employed over 20 people in the past 5 years. amber is the buyer, clothing designer and magic maker, the newly self taught graphic designer, manager of all the people and all the projects, she’s a communicator and an empath, she makes decisions with her heart first and truly gives a fuck about not only this community but the world outside of our sunflower bubble.


speaking of bubbles she’s our very own glinda the good. she believes that everyone is a work in progress, that every day is a special occasion and that confidence is a choice. she’s here to remind us that goodness is far more important than greatness. she believes that the only person we should be in competition with is ourself. she believes that a good outfit put on a good human is the foundation for a good day which leads to more smiles and more happy humans and in turn a better world. 



kb is our behind the scenes guy here at vada winter. he is the doer of all the things. whether it is moving warehouses (3 times in 5 years), being our cfo, the uber driver, the manager of shipment receiving, providing the dad jokes, being the official security guard at photoshoots and the lifter of the heavy things. he does it all while making sure we are fed and have a tequila drink in hand. he might be running around all day doing all the things for everyone, but where amber is kb is never too far away. ab and kb have spent the last 23 years together falling in love, falling apart and falling together. they’ve been raising babies, building businesses, having porch parties, traveling and dancing around their living room. besides doing all the things for vada winter kb is also an amazing general contractor here in blue island, il. he purchases houses and rehabs them into forever homes making our community a better place.



jacquelin’ not jack, but jackie is okay. haha. one of the three vwhq’s geminis. have you ever sent an email to then you know jackie. she’s our 24/7 around the clock customer service guru. like for real, we tell her to put that phone away and close out gmail but you all are her #1 priority. while answering your late night emails she can often be found curled up on her green velvet couch watching housewives or horrors films and scrolling through the dating apps in between emails. yep, she’s our single and ready mingle friend. (dating applications can be sent to for vetting and security purposes) aside from customer service jackie is also the head of operations here at vw. from keeping our website up and running and loaded with the new and now to making sure the house of vada winter is operating up to AB standards she truly does it all. outside of work she can be found sipping on a martini, dirty or espresso depending on the hour, at the lyric or at the blouin’s house because no one shakes a martini as well as the bartenders at the lyric and kb himself. she’s also the real vada winter’s bestie and ab’s life partner so the fact that we are all living our lives in and around blue island is a convenience we don’t take for granted. jackie’s family is also local to blue island and own three sister’s antique mall where jackie can be found running special events and decorating their epic windows on western ave. our girl literally never stops.



meet our woo woo hype girl that manages all things social media and marketing for vada winter. amanda runs on what we call amanda standard time (better to arrive late with starbucks than not arrive at all) and she does it with a big ass smile on her face - whether she is creating content, dressing bust forms, grabbing starbucks for the team, planning posts, communicating with sunflowers on social media or just keeping us all in a good mood at vwhq. she is also a mom to the most adorable almost little mini me named mila, a loving wife to mike, proud dog and cat mama, a lover of cheetah print, a matcha girlie, and another fellow gemini. amanda is literally the life of the party at vada winter. you can find her at our vada winter shop on tuesdays and thursdays where she will help you find the perfect outfit with her amanda flair. honestly the vada winter team did not feel complete until amanda walked in the door.