we are the band of sunflowers.


this place is about so much more than clothes. it's about a community of confident andddd confident in the making women. we are here to lift each other up. we are here to motivate. to inspire each other.


the clothing is something that connects us. it connects us from state to state and even across the ocean. knowing that another sunflower is out there rocking that same piece of clothing that you are is the kind of support we all deserve on a mercury is in retrograde kind of day.


this is the space where we connect beyond just the business. and you can also consider it a very vip space for all things vada winter.


when i started my business i wanted a place where women could come together and be a part of something bigger than ourselves individually. a place where we can come to be reminded that confidence is choice, that if we dig deep we can find that our inner beauty is what makes our outer selves shine brighter. combine that confidence with clothing that makes you want to get dressed and conquer your day and girl, we can change the world.


i have spent over 20 years of my life in the fashion industry and i always find my heart is the fullest when i bring together my love of style and people! que the band of sunflowers.


this is it!! this is the community where women can come to be banded together. regardless of our life circumstances, in the band of sunflowers there will always be a woman down the road or two states over who is rocking her duster and has your back.